Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top 10 Compliments to Pay a Woman

1. Notice a change. Yes, this is an old cliché. But it's also a true one: we women like it if you notice something new about us. If a woman you've had your eye on changes her hairstyle or color, wears a new dress, or (if you're internet dating) changes the main photo on her profile, let her know you noticed. And that you like it.
2. Her best feature. We women are just as much victims of our vanity as men are. And we love to feel like we have something special, something superior that no other woman has. Whether she has an incredible butt, gorgeous hair, perfect skin, or an infectious smile, specific and honest compliments about a woman's superior features always go over well. And be sure to be clear! "You have the prettiest smile I've ever seen," is a lot nicer to hear than, "You have a nice smile."
3. Her smell. Most women pride themselves on being feminine. And a big part of femininity --and feeling attractive to men-- is smelling nice. Noticing that a woman smells nice is sure to make her feel feminine, beautiful, and attractive. Which will make her much more likely to feel well-disposed to you... and let you come in closer for another sniff.
4. Her kissing. Most people think they're good kissers... but most of them can't be sure they are unless somebody lets them know. If a woman you're dating is a fantastic kisser, tell her so! And be double sure to let her know if she's the best you've ever kissed: women like to have their egos pumped up almost as much as men do.
5. Her intelligence. Because we know that (especially at the beginning of a relationship) men are more focused on our physical attributes than our intellectual ones, compliments about a woman's intelligence always go over well. "You're the most intelligent woman I've ever dated," is sure to get a good reception, and have her feeling appreciated all night. Especially if she's felt passed over in the past because she's "too smart."
6. She's thin. Ever hear the expression, "you can never be too rich or too thin"? Well, I'm not sure there's such a thing as too rich, but there's most certainly such a thing as too thin. That said, most women love the idea of being slim and lithe and desirable. Telling a woman that she's slim is bound to make her feel good, and to feel like she's accomplished something (after all, most slim women work very hard to stay that way!).
7. Her uniqueness or special qualities. All people like to feel that they're special and one of a kind-- especially to somebody they're dating. If you're dating a woman who seems different and special, be sure to let her know you see her that way. "I've never dated anybody like you," may not sound like a compliment, but it's bound to be taken as one.
8. Her specific ability. Complimenting a woman on something special she can do is a great way to show that you're paying attention. And that you appreciate her for more than her looks. "It's amazing that you speak another language, " or "I've never met anybody with your ability to remember lyrics," will be music to her ears. Just be specific and be honest.
9. Her integrity or personality. Everybody likes to think that they have a great personality, or that they have a particular quality that they should feel good about. And it's great to hear about them! If a woman you're dating (or would like to date) is unabashedly honest, always kind, or uproariously funny, let her know you think so. Sometimes these are the best kinds of compliments.
10. Her superlative hotness. If you can honestly (or semi-honestly) tell a woman that she's the hottest thing you've ever dated (or, say, the most beautiful woman in the room), do it. This is the kind of compliment that never gets old.


  1. Great post man. My girlfriend is going to be getting some more specific compliments now.

  2. awesome post thanks

  3. Gosh, I am so evil. Some of these things I already knew and deliberately do not pay attention to when I have a bone to pick with a certain woman. Usually the one who birthed me, but... anyway.. haha (ok nuff said, I don't want to spill any more beans).

  4. I am going to try a few of these out, cross your fingers :)

  5. I'll use these on my girlfriend and let you know what she says. Thanks!

  6. Sweet tips! I really should use these maybe i could get a girl... :p